Customer engagement patrols on Metro promotes face coverings rule

Staff and police at Whitley Bay Metro station
27 July 2020

Extra staff are patrolling the Tyne and Wear Metro to encourage the wearing of face coverings on the network.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, is putting teams out across the system, on trains and in stations, to engage with customers and to hand out face masks to anyone who needs one.

The patrols focused on the North Tyneside coastal stations, South Shields Interchange to Hebburn, Gateshead Interchange to Heworth, Park Lane Interchange and the whole Sunderland line, city centre Metro stations in Newcastle, and Haymarket and Elddon Square bus stations in Newcastle.

Nexus estimates that around 95% of its customers are following the face coverings rule.

Customer Services Director, Huw Lewis, said: “We have seven teams out working all across the system. We are covering all five local districts with these patrols. 

“We are just there to remind people why it is so important to wear a face covering and we are able to hand out face masks to anyone who needs one.

“I’m pleased to say that our passengers on Metro and across the bus network are following the Government advice and more than 90 percent of people are wearing face coverings throughout the day.

“The Metro system is now starting to get busier. There is still plenty of space for social distancing, but wearing a face covering means you’re keeping yourself safe, your family and loved ones safe, and everybody else safe. It’s a simple thing to do.

“We all should own a face covering now. Just ensure you pull it up over your nose and mouth when entering stations and throughout your journey on a train.”

The Government made face coverings compulsory on all modes of public transport from June 15 in the interests of public health due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Very young children, disabled people and those with breathing difficulties are exempt from wearing a face covering.

Passengers should wear the kind of face covering that can be made at home. They should cover the mouth and nose and can be something as simple as a scarf or a bandana tied snugly behind the head.



Huw Lewis

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