Face masks available from vending machines on the Metro system

Wear a face covering logos
7 July 2020

Face masks are on sale from vending machines on the Tyne and Wear Metro system.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, has made them available to help customers get access to a face covering on the go.

People are still advised to use their own face coverings, either a scarf, snood or bandana, where possible.

The Selecta vending machines, which dispense snacks and drinks, are also now selling packs of three-ply disposable surgical face masks at 12 stations on the Metro network.

It costs £3.70 for a pack of five masks. Nexus is not making any profit from selling them system.

Customer Services Director, Huw Lewis, said: “The Selecta vending machines on the Metro network are now selling face masks for people who need them.

“This is to help customers who need access to a face covering on the go and who don’t have one with them. The vending machines are stocked up with supplies of the surgical face masks that are sold in packs of five. These are being sold at cost price, so Metro isn’t profiting from this. 

“The face coverings rule is vital in the national fight against Covid-19. People need to wear them on all modes of public transport. The uptake has been good since the rule was introduced on 15 June, with around 95% of passengers wearing them when making a journey.”

The Government made face coverings compulsory on all modes of public transport from Monday 15 June.

The new rule for buses, trains and ferries has been introduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus as more people go back to work and schools and shops re-open.

Nexus estimates that around 95% of passengers were following the new rule on day one of its introduction.

Children under the age of 11, disabled people, and those with breathing difficulties are exempt from wearing a face covering.

Passengers should wear the kind of face covering that can be made at home. They should cover the mouth and nose and can be something as simple as a scarf or a bandana tied snugly behind the head.

Metro stations with Selecta vending machines: South Gosforth, Gateshead Interchange, Four Lane Ends, Heworth, Jesmond, Monkseaton, Monument, North Shields, Regent Centre, Tynemouth, West Jesmond, Whitley Bay.

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