Father and daughter duo star in second episode of ITV's Metro documentary series

Steve and Lauren Shipley
22 January 2020

A father and daughter duo starred in the second episode of the ITV documentary series about life on the Tyne and Wear Metro.

Metro workers Lauren and Steve Shipley, of Monkseaton in North Tyneside, were shown working together at the busy Monument Metro station, managing thousands of passengers heading to a Newcastle United home match.

And appearing on national television certainly didn’t faze either of them.

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Lauren, 20, a Customer Service Advisor, said: “It was a bit nerve wracking at first but it was also great fun having the camera crews there with us. After a while you forget about the cameras and just crack on with your job.

“The series will show the Metro in a positive light and give an insight into the sort of things staff have to deal with.

“Working with my dad has its moments, for sure, but we know how each other works so I think that is of massive benefit.”

Steve, 58, a Customer Services Manager, said: “It’s fantastic that we are able to work together and I am really proud of that, even if I’m a bit stricter with Lauren when we’re working together because of the fact she’s my daughter.

“Lauren aspires to be a Metro driver one day so she has started in the right place working on the passenger services side first.

“It was great that we were able to appear in the ITV programme together. As soon as they knew they had a father and daughter duo they were very keen to get that into the programme.

“They filmed us on shift at Monument and also having some food together before we started, just to set the scene.

“They captured am incident where I had to deal with a man who was trying to travel with a child ticket and I had to ask him to leave the station. That’s the kind of thing staff have to deal with from time to time.”

Steve added: “I was apprehensive about being on TV and it’s always strange to see yourself on the small screen. All of our friends and family were watching. I think the crews were really good and the staff came across really well. We all strive to do our best and to get people home safely.”


Lauren and Steve Shipley

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