Funding for a new Metro fleet: A message from Nexus

artist impression of new Metro train
22 November 2017

The Government has today announced funding for a new Metro train fleet, in the form of a commitment to provide £337 million made in the Chancellor’s budget speech.

I don’t need to tell you how important this is for Metro, public transport in North East England and our whole economy.

I would like to thank you for your support in a campaign that truly united our region, bringing together Metro passengers, the business community, politicians from all parties, the media, and many other friends and partners.  Together we have been able to show the value we place on transport infrastructure as a means to drive the economy and growth.

Today is also a vote of confidence in what Nexus delivers, through our on-going investment programme in Metro’s infrastructure, the roll-out of smart ticketing and our plans to further extend and develop Metro and local rail services.

We will now begin a demanding but exciting programme to choose a supplier and see trains designed and built to enter service from 2021.   Between now and then we will continue to provide and improve the frequent and reliable Metro service our passengers expect, while working towards a bright future.

Tobyn Hughes

Managing Director, Nexus


Nexus Managing Director Tobyn Hughes on the funding for new Metro trains

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