Hand sanitiser points are installed on the Metro system

A hand sanitiser point
18 May 2020

Hand sanitiser points have been installed at the busiest stations on the Tyne and Wear Metro to help customers follow public health guidelines.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, has fitted sanitiser dispensers at seven key Metro stations, part of a range of measures which ensure that the network meets the Government’s Covid-secure standard.

Each dispenser automatically sprays a small quantity of sanitiser gel when a person places their hands underneath it. They have been installed at Haymarket, Monument, Central Station, Gateshead Interchange, Heworth, South Shields Interchange and Park Lane Interchange in Sunderland.

Customer Services Director, Huw Lewis, said: “We have hand sanitiser points at our busiest stations so that customers can follow the general advice to keep their hands clean at all times. 

“The dispensers are located prominently and it only takes a few seconds to use them. I urge all passengers who do need to travel that they make use of the sanitiser points in the interest of public health as we all do our bit to halt the spread of coronavirus.

“We have put a huge amount of work into getting the Metro system up to the Covid-secure standard, and the hand sanitiser points are big part of that plan, alongside new signage and station layouts to ensure we maintain social distancing.

“Customers should still only travel if their journey is essential. If travelling then you are advised to wear a face covering.”

People are still being advised to take Metro only where the journey is essential, such as for work if you cannot do so from home, and where you can’t walk, cycle or use a car. 

Nexus has already issued guidance for passengers to wear face coverings if they need to travel, which is in line with Government advice.

New signage and station layouts in have been put in place at busy stations Metro stations in order help people follow social distancing when using Metro.


Huw Lewis

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