How we're inspiring the engineers of the future

Nexus engineer shows youngsters Metro maintenance work
8 October 2018

Nexus staff have played their part in inspiring the next generation of engineers.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages the Tyne and Wear Metro, joined exhibitors at the North East Exhibition for Future Engineers at the Beacon of Light in Sunderland.

Nexus were among a host of companies to have exhibits at the two-day event. Bring it On 2018 was  held over two consecutive days, one devoted to primary schools and the other to secondary schools.  The audience were young people from 10-14 with the objective of influencing them before they commit to GCSE options.

Head of Maintenance Delivery at Nexus, Phil Kirkland, said: “It is vital for us to be part of an event like this because we play such a big role in the community here in North East England and we are looking for the next generation of engineers.

“We have shown the young people the sort of works that we do on the Metro tracks, overhead lines, signals and a whole host on infrastructure related tasks. It’s real hands on stuff.

“Railway engineering is a great career. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and what better place to start than on the Tyne and Wear Metro, right here in the heart of our region.”

Engineering companies were invited to showcase their local activities and products, providing young engineers with the chance to talk about what they do, and provide information about their activities to take away.

This was a chance to show the youngsters the many different engineering functions that Nexus performs in order to look after the Tyne and Wear Metro.

The Nexus exhibit included track measuring activity, an overhead line assembly, a shunting completion using a model railway, a signalling demonstration, which included pumping a track point motor by hand, and an opportunity to try out the safety equipment Nexus staff have to wear.

There was a video display of Nexus engineering equipment and activities, and the chance to look at our RRVs, Unimog and Ford Ranger.


Bring in On 2018 event in Sunderland

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