Iconic Lego Metro train is completed and on display

The completed Lego Metro model
18 August 2017

The completed Lego model of a Metro train is now on display at The Word building in South Shields.

Scores of youngsters on their school summer holidays played their part in creating the stunning scale model of an iconic Metro train.

As well as the children and families who helped build the 22,000-brick model, The Word has already seen nearly 9,000 visitors through its doors to come and watch the model take shape.

The finished 1:10 scale Lego model of the train will remain on display at The Word until Saturday 30 September. Entry is free.

The model was created by local Lego architect Steve Mayes, aka BrickThis.

It puts Metro among the ranks of those famous landmarks to be recreated using Lego.

Tobyn Hughes, the Managing Director of Nexus, said: “It has been great to see the excitement generated by this event over the last few weeks, and to see the final model is fantastic.

“Steve’s attention to detail is absolutely brilliant as he has included all of the features of our iconic Metrocar. The fact Steve has built part of the replica scale model with 100 children over five days is amazing.

“It has been a great opportunity to work with young people from around the region and hopefully some of them might be budding engineers for the future.

“We’ve also had the chance to talk to people about Nexus’ our plans to replace the Metro fleet as the central part of a £1 billion investment programme over the next two decades.”

Lego architect, Steve Mayes. said: “The BrickMetro event was absolutely fantastic. The kids who came along amazed me with their skills and their determination to get their section of the Metrocar built.

“They seemed to get a real sense of achievement from producing a recognisable part of the train and being able to add it to the model. It's a great example of how even a model as large and detailed as this one can still be built by kids if you break it down into sections - and give them some good instructions.

“I hope the memories of taking part will last them a long time, and I'm sure they will be proud to point out which part they built now that the finished model is on display.

“Thanks to everyone who came along to The Word to help out.”

Cllr Gladys Hobson, Vice Chair of Tyne and Wear Transport Sub-committee said: “The #BrickMetro event has been a fantastic project for children in the school holidays. It’s great to see families coming from around Tyne and Wear to help build the model Metrocar, especially when many of them have travelled to The Word by Metro or ferry.

“All the children have really enjoyed taking part and the Lego model looks fantastic. The amount of detail is amazing and Steve Mayes has done a fantastic job. It’s great the model is going on display at The Word, so people can come to see it and find out what else the venue has to offer.”

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