A Metro train
15 June 2017

The Tyne and Wear Metro is encouraging customers to keep cool and stay hydrated when travelling on its trains this summer.

Metro has released useful well-being advice to remind its customers to take good care of themselves when travelling on the system.

Metro is the busiest urban light rail system outside of London, with 39 million passenger journeys a year.

And with thousands of commuters travelling during peak times every day, busy trains may feel hot when the weather gets warmer.

To help customers avoid feeling unwell when travelling, Metro has released its top tips for summer trips to make sure every journey made is a pleasant one.

Top tips for summer trips:

• Carry water to stay hydrated when travelling on Metro and keep yourself cool.
• Open windows to let fresh air into the carriage.
• Remember to eat something before travelling.
• Make priority seating available for those who need it, such as pregnant women, elderly or disabled passengers.

Metro Services Director, Chris Carson, said: “Warmer weather during the summer months can sometimes lead to customers feeling hot, especially when travelling on a busy carriage.

“Customer well-being is really important to us which is why we’re offering this practical advice. On a hot day open a window to le fresh air into the carriage, and why not carry a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated.

“We also recommend customers remember to eat something before travelling to prevent them from feeling unwell.

“If someone does become unwell, it’s best not to panic. If they are travelling alone or are unable to get help on the train, they can get the assistance they need by accessing station Platform Help Points or the Call for Aid button in the Metro carriages. Our customer service team will be able to respond quickly and get the right care to you more effectively than if you were to carry on your journey.”

Northumbrian Water’s Marketing Manager, Jennie Collingwood, said: “Keeping hydrated in any type of weather is really important, more so when it’s hot. Tap water is healthy, calorie free, excellent value for money and tastes great too.

“It’s great that we are working with Tyne and Wear Metro to help encourage its customers to look after themselves. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated will help them feel fresh and more alert. Even mild dehydration can have an impact on how our bodies function.”

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