Metro depot staff first to taste the difference

Depot staff meet Stadler
30 January 2020

Metro’s depot staff were the first to meet bosses from Stadler, the Swiss company which will build new trains for the system in a £362m programme.

Executives from the company met the engineers at the South Gosforth site, which it will take over and rebuild in a £70m project, hours before being named by Nexus as its chosen manufacturer for new Metro trains.

The depot workers, who will transfer to Stadler, got their first taste of working for the trainbuilder in the shape of luxury Swiss chocolate, personalised with the company name.

Paul Patrick, Head of Engineering at the depot, said:  “The team was very keen to meet Stadler and find out more about its plans, and being given some Swiss chocolate was a nice little welcome touch.

“The investment by Stadler and Nexus will be a complete transformation, with a whole new depot built at South Gosforth and our engineers learning new skills to maintain some of the world’s best and most modern trains.”

Jürg Gygax, director of Stadler's Service division, said: “We wanted to meet the depot team first as we work together with new employees and Nexus to build the Metro of the future.

“This order for Stadler Service clearly shows how Stadler implements a complete service package and marks a massive step into the future. We are very much looking forward to embarking on a long, productive partnership with Nexus, which will span 35 years.”

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