Metro joins campaign to promote customer safety on Metro platforms

Metro staff at Haymarket Platform 2 promote Respect the Edhe campaign
13 December 2018

The Tyne and Wear Metro has joined a national campaign to promote customer safety on station platforms as the system gets busy for Christmas.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, is supporting the Rail Safety and Standards Board’s (RSSB) Respect the Edge campaign – which encourages passengers to be aware of safety when boarding and alighting trains.

The Metro system gets busier in the run up to Christmas, with more shoppers and revellers using extra services, which is why Metro is highlighting train interface accidents like slips, trips, and getting caught in the doors.

Extra staff are being deployed to the busiest Metro platforms to ensure safe boarding, while station posters, social media posts on @My_Metro and special recorded announcements over the Metro public address system are all being used to promote the campaign.

Metro Services Director, Chris Carson, said: “Metro will be far busier in the build up to Christmas, with more shoppers and partygoers using  our services, and we want to ensure customers stay safe when they’re on our platforms.

“Rail remains one of the safest modes of travel in the country, but we are never complacent and are active in tackling issues when it comes to safety, which is why  Metro is supporting the Respect the Edge campaign.

“The potential for slips and trips when on a Metro platform is something that is always a slight risk. What we want to do is raise awareness of the risks and hopefully change customer behaviour so that we see fewer passenger accidents at platform level.

“People will sometimes assume they will come to no harm no matter how they behave on a platform.

“This campaign highlights the risks that are posed if people don’t take care when they are in and around the platform train interface.”

Metro is asking passengers to Respect the Edge by: 

• Keeping away from the edge of the train platform, regardless of whether there is a train arriving or not

• Standing behind the yellow line and paying attention to platform markings and station announcements

• Not rushing to board a train when the door alarm is sounding – this means the doors are closing; once they are closed they do not reopen and you could become trapped.


Respect the Edge campaign - Metro Services Director Chris Carson

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