Metro running a reduced service on Sunderland line due to Network Rail works

Metro on Monkwearmouth Bridge
29 May 2020

Metro services have resumed through Sunderland today after Network Rail repaired some of the extensive damage to overhead lines in the area, but are operating at a reduced frequency.

The 24-minute Metro service frequency will be in place on the Sunderland line, which Metro shares with other train operators, for the next few weeks while Network Rail waits for components and then completes the repairs. 

The overhead line was brought down at Sunderland station by a freight train. This occurred on Friday 22 May, causing extensive damage, and resulted in a service suspension from St Peter’s to South Hylton. Services in that affected area resumed at 10am today, Friday 29 May.

The repair has been made more complex by the age and low clearance of the tunnel. While this part of our route is owned and maintained by Network Rail Nexus have been working closely with them since the incident began, offering engineering support if needed.

Customer Services Director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “Metro services are now running all the way from Pelaw to South Hylton.

“Due to the scale of the repairs that our colleagues at Network Rail are undertaking we only have part of the line back in use, meaning we have to operate a reduced frequency of service on the Sunderland line.

“Network Rail are continuing to work on the damaged overhead lines at Sunderland station, but they anticipate it being a few weeks before this is completed. This is largely due to a wait for special component that they need to fix the overhead lines.

“Metro customers who need to use the service between Pelaw and South Hylton should allow extra time for their journeys until this issue resolved. We’re sorry for the disruption and inconvenience this is causing.”

From Monday, 1 June, there will be a 24-minute daytime Metro service frequency Pelaw to South Hylton.

There will be a 12-minute daytime frequency from Airport to Pelaw.

And a 30-minute evening frequency evening from Airport to South Hylton.

Customers should only use Platform 1 at St Peter’s and Platform 2 at Sunderland station.

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