A Pop Pay As You Go Card
24 January 2019

Metro travel with Pay As You Go Pop cards reached a record 1.5 million journeys in 2018, new figures show.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages the Tyne and Wear Metro, says the flexibility and convenience of paying for Metro travel on the Pay As You Go option is proving increasingly popular with customers.

Metro customers are able to top up their Pop cards online or at a Metro ticket machine, avoiding the need to pay every time they travel, and saving money at the same time.

Huw Lewis, Customer Services Director at Nexus, said: “A record number of people are using Pop Pay as You Go smart cards to make their travel by Metro more simple and flexible than paying with cash or contactless. It’s just one way we’re working to make Metro better for our passengers.

“Switching to Pop Pay as You Go means you can top up online when it is convenient to you, without having to worry about a queue at the ticket machine.  And we’ve frozen the price of Pay As You Go travel, so passengers now save up to 50p a day when they use Metro.   For young people aged 16 to 18 our Pop Blue card means you can go as far as you want on Metro for just £1, and travel as much as you want for £2 a day.

“More and more people are also using Pop Pay As You Go to buy tickets on board buses and the Shields Ferry, because one card can cover all your local travel needs.”

In 2018 there was a 50 percent increase in the number of adult Metro journeys with a Pay As You Go Pop card. More than 100,000 Metro journey are being mad every month with Pop Pay As You Go.

Nexus launched the Pop Pay AS You Go product in November 2015.

Single journeys made with Pop Pay As You Go costs 40p less than the standard fare, and all day travel will cost 50p less than the equivalent Day Ticket price for the zones used.

The smart system keeps track of journeys made, and stops charging once a guaranteed daily price cap has been reached for the zones used.

On local bus routes Pop Pay As You Go can be used to pay or single and return fares purchased from the driver, instead of passengers having to search for notes and change.

In January 2018 Nexus launched its Pop blue smartcard, a Pay As You Go option for young people giving them single trips on the Tyne and Wear Metro for £1. There were a quarter of a million journeys made using Pop blue in 2018.

Over 6,000 young people aged 16 to 18 have taken out Pop blue cards since the product was launched by Nexus. Almost a fifth of Tyne and Wear’s 16-18 year-olds now travel with Pop blue.