Metro timetable changes will deliver more frequent services at peak times

A Metro train on the QEII bridge
27 September 2019

The Metro timetable is changing from Sunday 13 October to provide more frequent services during peak travel periods.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages the Tyne and Wear Metro, is making the timetable change to deliver more trains at the times when passengers say they need them the most.

The new timetable will reduce gaps between early morning Metro services from South Shields and afternoon services through North Tyneside. Click here to view the new timetable.

The changes are based on feedback from Metro customers as well as market research and passenger counts.

Passengers can view train times for journeys on Live Travel map and copies of individual station timetables will be uploaded to the website.

Metro Services Director, Chris Carson, said: “We are responding to customer demands and making changes to the Metro timetable so that we can deliver more trains when people need them.

“This will improve the frequency of Metro services at the busiest times of the day. It reduces the gaps between train services in the mornings and in the evenings, meaning more capacity, and less waiting time for our customers.”

The new timetable is being introduced from Sunday 13 October, and will mean:

•    A network-wide regular 12 minute frequency from the first train to each Metro terminus.

•    Morning and evening peak services running from Monkseaton to Pelaw will be increased.

•    An evening peak Monkseaton to Longbenton service will be extended to Pelaw, due to feedback that Longbenton platform and existing services are busy at this time when the train currently terminates at Longbenton.

•    The number of trains departing from St James in the afternoon peak will increase by two. Six services will depart between 4pm and 5pm compared with five currently. Departures between 5pm and 6pm will increase from four to five.

•    On Saturdays an early morning train which currently starts service at South Gosforth will instead start at Benton, providing an earlier start to service from Benton.

•    An additional trip between Longbenton and St James has been added on Saturday mornings when the service ramps up from a 15 minute to a 12 minute frequency.

The changes to the peak Metro services are being made possible by withdrawing the least-used peak trains between Regent Centre and Pelaw.

But there will still be a train every six to 12 throughout the Metro system.  Most passengers will see no change in their regular train times.

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