New map highlights Wallsend attractions

Nexus and Wallsend Chamber members at the map
25 June 2021

An empty display board at Wallsend Metro Station has been given a new lease of life by Nexus and Wallsend Chamber of Commerce.

The unit now displays a detailed map of Wallsend town centre, highlighting attractions and amenities, walking distances and points of interest.

Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum is a popular attraction in the town, attracting thousands of visitors every year, and this initiative aims to encourage people to find their way there when using public transport and also encourage them to explore the town further.

Chamber Director Julie Paterson saw the space as an opportunity for Wallsend businesses to promote their local area and encourage those in the town centre to stay for longer.

Julie said: “We’re here to support and promote Wallsend businesses, to locals and those coming in from further afield. We’ve got parks, historical attractions, shops, walking and cycling routes and plenty more. This map is hopefully the first of many which will help visitors see what else we have to offer. We worked with businesses and the local community for their input on what should be included, and the final product looks great.” 

Nexus Stakeholder Relations Officer for North Tyneside, Rebecca Ditchburn, got involved and helped turn Julie’s idea into reality. The refurbishment of the stand and the production of the map was funded by Nexus.

Rebecca said: “Using the space for a map was a great idea by Julie, but what was originally a 4 month project turned into a 16 month project due to Covid. It’s great to see it in place now, in time for some of the restrictions lifting. It’s in an ideal location next to the Metro station and bus interchange, and hopefully it will encourage more people to see more of Wallsend.”

Members of Wallsend Chamber and established Wallsend businesses Baltic Mortgage Solutions and Blueline Taxis helped fund the design of the map, which was completed by local design agency, Design on the Tyne.

Alex Allen, owner of Design on the Tyne said: “I think I speak for all of the Chamber members when I say that we’re very happy to get involved in anything that supports the town, increases footfall and raises awareness of our attractions. I’ve ran my business here for five years and it was a pleasure to do the design for this, hopefully we’ll get the chance to develop more maps in other locations.”

Other empty display boards across the Nexus infrastructure are to be looked at for similar projects.

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