Nexus uses birds of prey to scare off nuisance seagulls

The bird of prey - a falcon
21 April 2020

Nexus has brought in birds of prey to scare nuisance seagulls away from the new £21m Transport Interchange in South Shields.

A falcon and a hawk are being used by a specialist firm to keep gulls off the roof of the new interchange building.

This is being done to prevent the seagulls from claiming it as their territory and starting to create nests there.

Customer Services Director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “With gulls being a protected species the bird of prey was the best option for us to address this problem.

“We need to stop the gulls from nesting on the roof of the new interchange building as that can create a lot of damage if it’s allowed to happen and then it isn’t dealt with.

“A specialist firm is coming in a few times a year with the falcon and the hawk to keep the gulls away from the building. This is a humane and a permitted method for dealing with this issue.”

Falcons are widely used as a bird deterrent as it deals with the issue in a humane way.

South Shields’ new Transport Interchange was opened in August 2019m, bringing the waiting facilities for local bus and Metro services under one roof on a modern new facility.

The opening was a major milestone in the £100m South Shields 365 regeneration masterplan which is being delivered by South Tyneside Council and partner Muse Developments.

The landmark building was designed by The Harris Partnership and constructed by Bowmer and Kirkland, who also built award-winning cultural venue The Word.

The project received £9.4m from the Local Growth Deal through the North East Local Enterprise Partnership. The Local Growth Deal is supporting major capital.


Ronnie the Harris hawk

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