Nexus worker gets to switch on Newcastle's Xmas lights

Nexus worker John Drummond gets to switch on the Xmas lights in on Grey Street in Newcastle. John is pictured on the right of the photo
12 November 2021

A Nexus worker has had the honour of switching on the Christmas lights in Newcastle, getting the festive season into full swing.

John Drummond, a maintenance staffer on the Metro network, was one of three key workers who were selected to carry out the big switch on.

John was joined by an A&E nurse from the RVI, Bethany Foster, and local headteacher Rob Harker to flick the switch in front of the excited crowds on Grey Street. They were invited as a gesture of thanks for the efforts of everyone who worked in frontline roles during lockdown.

John, 58, said: "It was a great privilege and an honour to be there to represent my company, Nexus, and all key workers, to switch on the Christmas lights in Newcastle. 

"This pandemic has been an absolute tragedy for what we’ve suffered in all aspects even at work we’ve had tragedies occurring, so it is a massive honour."

Thousands of people gathered to watch the Christmas lights switch-on in Newcastle city centre at 6pm on Thursday 11 November, as the festive season gets into swing.

The switch-on event kicked off at 6pm in Grey Street, Newcastle, and was hosted by Steve and Karen from Metro Radio.

As well as live music, Santa also attended, along with pantomime stars, the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Habib Rahman, and Frozen's snow sisters and snowman.

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