Passenger leaves touching thank you letter and rainbow badge for Metro drivers

The rainbow badge that was left for the Metro drivers by a passenger - pinned too the Metro logo on his lapel
23 April 2020

A passenger has left heart-warming letter on a Metro train to thank drivers who are continuing to work during the coronavirus lockdown.

The anonymous writer said they were using the network to get to work themselves and thanked the Metro staff "a million times for keeping the trains going".

The grateful commuter also made a special rainbow badge and left it, alongside the letter, under a driver's cab door over the weekend.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, said the gesture was a huge boost for staff amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The message said: "Dear driver and all the lovely Metro staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for keeping the trains going.

“I use trains every day to get to and from work and wouldn't be able to do so without you. You should all get a pay rise!

"Please accept this little brooch as a thank you. P.s. it's home-made. Keep safe. You are all lovely people. P.s. I think the Metro is ace."

Metro shared the lovely note on its Twitter channel, @My_Metro, and said the driver who found it had put the badge on his uniform.

Their post said: "Did you leave a note for our Metro driver David?

"He has a message for you - 'I am a train driver of 20 years on the Metro. Someone very kindly left this letter and home-made badge for me to find under my driver's cab door.

"I would love to say a heartfelt thank you for doing this as you can see I am wearing the badge with pride on my uniform.

"Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughts for all of us drivers. It is greatly appreciated in these difficult times...stay safe everyone...and thank you."

Customer Services Director, Huw Lewis, said: “The whole Metro team are doing an heroic job keeping trains moving for key workers and people who need to make essential journeys to shop for food. This letter is so heartfelt and inspiring, it really brings home what an important role they have to play at this difficult time.

"We have a small army of engineers, controllers, train crew, customer service advisors and cleaners at work night and day.

“These letters are a precious thing for us to share and I can't say thank you enough to the people who have taken the taking the time - and had the thoughtfulness - to write.”

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