Watch: New film highlights the extra cleaning that makes Metro covid secure

Metro worker at depot treats a train with anti-bacterial spray
21 June 2021

A new film has been produced to showcase the extra cleaning which makes the Tyne and Wear Metro covid-secure.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, commissioned it to highlight the enhanced cleaning regime which ensures that the network is protected from coronavirus.

The film includes footage from the Metro depot, where the train fleet is shown being treated with a special anti-bacterial spray that high kills 99.9% of germs on high-touch surfaces. Click here to watch. 

The video is being aired on Metro’s social media channels to provide customers with the reassurance that Metro is safe to use, and now that lockdown is easing people can have the confidence to travel on it.

Metro Operations Director, John Alexander, said: “A huge amount of extra cleaning takes place on our network to keep it safe from Covid-19.

“Quite a lot of that work happens overnight at our Gosforth depot so the public don’t get to see it. This new film we have had made takes you behind the scenes and gives you a snapshot of the cleaning work taking place, including the special anti-bacterial spray we use to give surfaces long lasting protection from germs.

“We felt it was vital to make this video so that our customers get to see what is being done to ensure the Metro system is covid-secure. We are a safe system and are ready to start welcome more customers back.

“Metro meets the Government’s covid-secure standard and people should have the confidence to use our network then they need to. A range of measures are in place to ensure we are secure, these include extra cleaning on all high touch surfaces, anti-viral spraying and UV light sanitisation on escalator handrails.

“If you are making a journey on Metro please ensure that you travel safely and follow the key guidelines, which includes planning ahead, social distancing and the wearing of face coverings unless exempt.”

Nexus put a range of measures in place when lockdown began March 2020 to ensure that the Metro system is covid-secure.

These measures include new signage and queueing systems, extra deep cleaning, UV light sanitisers on 36 escalators and hand sanitiser points at key locations.

The anti-viral spray is applied in Metro carriages, using a special spray machine that deploys the product as a mist. It kills germs and keeps critical surfaces and touchpoints cleaner for longer.

Metro customers must wear a face covering when travelling, unless exempt, and should continue to follow floor and wall markings in order to maintain social distancing.


Extra cleaning on Metro to meet covid secure standard

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