What to expect from episode three of ITV's Metro documentary series

A Metro station cube
3 February 2020

The third episode of the ITV documentary series about life on the Tyne and Wear Metro is set to air tomorrow night, Tuesday 4 February - and millions of viewers will get to see the challenges staff face looking after the 40 year-old trains.

The Metro: A Rail Life Story is a four-part series which gives a unique insight into day to day operations on the Metro system as it gears up to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Watch the trailer here.

The first episode attracted an impressive 2.6 million viewers, more than the hugely popular reality show TV show Love Island.

Episode three of the Metro documentary will be broadcast on ITV1 at 7.30pm on Tuesday night, following a week’s break to make way for the National Television Awards.

This episode will feature a Metro train breaking down in a tunnel near the Metro's busiest station, drawing attention to the fact that many of the vehicles in the Metro fleet are past their best.

Meanwhile, Track inspection supervisor Wayne Monaghan has his work cut out repairing decaying sleepers which, if not quickly replaced, could cause a train derailment.

Customer Service Manager Alan Taylor has his quiet night in rudely interrupted when he is called into work to deal with an outbreak of anti-social behaviour.

Customer Services Director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “This third episode in the series will highlight the challenges we face with a train fleet that is 40 years old, one that does 17,000 kilometres a day.

“It’s a timely reminder of why we are investing in a new fleet that will transform journeys for our passengers.”

He added: “It’s a privilege for us to showcase and share Metro on national television in our wonderful and vibrant region with a wider television audience as we prepare to mark Metro’s 40th anniversary.”

Episode 3 of Metro: A Rail Life Story goes out on ITV on Tuesday 4 February at 7.30pm.



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