Metro passenger warning: Only travel if it's essential

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23 March 2020

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages the Tyne and Wear Metro, is today urging the public not to make journeys on the system unless it is absolutely essential – a key measure in reducing the spread of coronavirus.

Passengers should not be using any modes of public transport unless they are key workers, they have to go out and buy food, or have other essential appointments, such as with a doctor.

This follows advice that is being issued by the Government in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Metro is operating an emergency timetable, with a service frequency of 24 minutes, and on average 12 minutes in the central area between Pelaw and South Gosforth.

Nexus Customer Services Director Huw Lewis said: “I cannot stress enough that the public must follow the advice: you should only travel on the Tyne and Wear Metro if the journey is essential. It is irresponsible to travel if you don’t need to. 

“This is vital so that we can all play our part in implementing social distancing and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

“Only those people classified as key workers should really be using local public transport services to get to work.

“Metro has a key role to play in getting people to and from work, and to get out and buy food, and for essential appointments, but please don’t travel if you don’t need to. 

“We are following all Government advice to prevent Covid 19 from spreading and we need our passengers to follow this advice too. 
“The frequency of Metro trains has been reduced but we will continue to provide a service for key workers and essential journeys as long as we need to.”

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Coronavirus: Don't use Metro unless it's essential

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